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About the Centre for Quantum Life Science

Quantum sensing and computing solutions offer a powerful potential to “more information at better detail, in near real-time” and are thus at the heart of the novel and next-generation bioimaging technologies as well as next-generation precision health applications. 

The primary aim of the QLS Centre is to form a base for national and Nordic collaboration in the QLS field and thereby promote and accelerate the development and utilization of QLS applications.

The long-term goal of the QLS Centre is to contribute to Sweden´s and the Nordic’s transition into a world-leading actor in precision health, leveraging new quantum and AI technologies. Our strategy is to create the QLS Centre where we combine excellent resources and competencies from quantum, AI and the life sciences to create QLS applications. 

The host organisation is Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical Neuroscience.

The QLS Centre is a collaboration between KI and representatives from KUH, SU, KTH, LU, Chalmers, GU & Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Draft: 5-year Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy for the National Quantum Life Science Centre 2024-2028

The vision of the QLS Centre

By 2028, international QLS top talents will commit to positions in the Swedish QLS ecosystem.

The mission of the QLS Centre

Create enabling conditions for an attractive Quantum Life Science ecosystem

Mission expanded

To drive the development and advancement of Quantum Life Science in Sweden by creating a supportive and innovative ecosystem that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, cutting-edge research, and the commercialization of innovative products and services.


Development of useful Quantum Life Science applications for the individual/patient, healthcare, academia and industry. Please see further details and deliverables in the plan.