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History: Quantum Life Science in the Nordic – so far …

quantum life science roundtable 2021

The journey of Quantum Life Science in Sweden began in 2018 with the initiation of two PhDs, one from the field of quantum computing and another from life science. This was the starting point for the identification of further areas within life science where quantum computing and quantum sensing could have significant applications.

This led to the first Swedish Quantum Life Science meeting at Chalmers in August 2021, where the Swedish Quantum Life Science group was established. The meeting also included a special guest, John Martinis from Google, who shared his expertise with the group.

As the interest in Quantum Life Science grew, the idea of a Nordic Quantum Life Science Round Table emerged. The first round table was held in Sweden in November 2021, and it attracted colleagues from all over the Nordic region.

In June 2022, a formal Swedish Quantum Life Science Centre was established, based at Karolinska Institutet. This was a major milestone for the initiative, providing a centralized hub for research and innovation.

The following Quantum Life Science Round Table was held in Copenhagen in November 2022 and was hosted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which also launched its 200 million-dollar Quantum Computing Programme.

Finland will hold the Nordic QLS Round Table in November 2023, and the round table will rotate among the Nordic countries in subsequent years.

As of March 2023, there are 8 projects, 25 people, 5 companies, and a dedicated steering group within the Swedish Quantum Life Science Centre.

This exciting journey has brought together leading scientists, healthcare professionals, and industry partners to explore the potential of Quantum Life Science and its impact on healthcare and life sciences. The collaboration among the Nordic countries and the establishment of a formal Quantum Life Science Centre in Sweden are significant milestones in this journey. The future looks promising for this interdisciplinary and groundbreaking field.


The 1st Nordic Quantum Life Science Roundtable

In Stockholm, Sweden.

December 2021

Historiy . video  Ebba carbonnier
Talk with prof Göran Johansson, ms Ebba Carbonnier and others. Watch video.

And more to come!