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Quantum Chemistry

The initial applications of quantum computing in chemistry are likely to be around helping us to better understand molecules and how they behave. Ultimately, we want to be able to simulate the molecular origins of life—but at present, there are just too many possible options. Quantum computing will allow us to explore more options in terms of factors such as stability, reactivity, chemical bonding, and compressibility.

Contact – Researchers

Martin Rahm

Mårten Skogh

Mårten Skogh is an industrial PhD student at AstraZeneca. His research focuses on the application of quantum computation problems in chemistry. The research aims to find more efficient algorithms to speed up the way quantum computational chemistry is done. The availability of faster and more accurate solutions offers great benefits for both the pharmaceutical development process as well as the design of green technology.

Reducing drug development costs and time requirements can greatly improve the number of patients that can be helped, and improve the efficacy of new treatments.