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Quantum Life Science

Dear colleagues, a warm welcome to our interdisciplinary group of scientists and innovators within Quantum Physics, AI, and Life Sciences.

We have started a national Quantum Life Science Centre in Sweden with a consortium consisting of individuals/patients, academia, healthcare, and industry, where we have representatives from e. g. Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology, AstraZeneca, IBM, Karolinska Institutet, SAS Institute and Swelife.

Photographer: Johan Bodell/Chalmers University of Technology

​The inside of a dilution refrigerator which hosts Chalmers' qubits.​​​​​​​

Current Projects

Much is going on in this exciting field. Here we tell you about some initiatives.

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The Nordic initiative has been going on for several years and now it is starting to gain momentum.

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Next Meeting

A round table discussion is held every year. Nordic countries are hosts, most recently it was Denmark.

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